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How are we finding solutions?

Don't 'reinvent the wheel'

The Outcomes model was developed on the basis that existing successful solutions to commonly occurring global problems can be identified and used in Australia.

The first change project that Outcomes Australia came about when co-founder, Marvin Weinman was approached by Brian Myerson and he learnt that not only did Australia have very low organ donor rates, but that Australia was ranked far behind many other countries. Australia prides itself on being a great place to live, but there are areas of poor performance. This is one.

A vast network of people with complementary skills approached the problem by looking first to where others were getting it right. To find out more about this process, visit the ShareLife Australia site.

Leading Practice

The Outcomes model doesn't look for best practice, it looks for leading practice. Leading practices are continuously developing.

Best practice, by definition can be superceded, therefore leading practice is a term that allows for constant development and change over time.

By pursuing leading practice, we are striving to achieve the best possible outcomes, using a sustainable model and by embracing change and development to ensure continuous improvement.

What's the process?

To understand the process, take a look at the change projects Outcomes Australia is currently engaged in.

  1. ShareLife Australia – saving lives by addressing the organ donor shortfall.
  2. Soils for Life – addressing land degradation and food security issues through supporting adoption of regenerative landscape management.
  3. Better Off Australia – reversing the trend of obesity for the health and economic  benefit of all Australians.