Marvin Weinman
Chairman, Outcomes Australia 2017

Outcomes Australia (OA) is steadily building momentum in Australia, and is providing an effective and valuable model for solving major community problems.

It is achieving this by exciting the interest of many of Australia’s leading professionals, who are providing their services on a pro bono basis. This process has created a new model of reform and change management, which is drawing attention both nationally and internationally, as a creative and resourceful way to maximise skills and talent to deliver community benefit.

The OA concept is simple: A project is identified. Proven leading performance globally or nationally is found, researched and catalogued. Then, operating in fluid, multidisciplinary and cross-functional teams to effectively leverage the skills, networks and experience of its members, a detailed, and market-appropriate solution is delivered.

OA’s strength lies in the diverse group of leading doctors, health professionals, farmers, business executives, lawyers, management consultants, senior communications specialists and religious leaders, who have, over the past five years tackled community issues head on through employing proven business principles.