What is Outcomes Australia?

“There are no problems, only solutions.” – John Lennon

Australia is a wonderful country that has made great strides in recent decades. Despite a comparatively small population Australia is an innovative and creative nation and there are many areas of excellence in our country. However, there are some considerable challenges that impact on the entire community, that are not being adequately met.

Outcomes Australia is a not-for-profit organisation for change. It is a collaboration of eminent Australians who are dedicating time and expertise on a pro-bono basis to deliver solutions for the greater good. Our purpose is to ensure that Australia has optimal solutions to problems that impact on the entire community directly, or indirectly.

The Outcomes approach is not to devise solutions, but to find successful and proven solutions to existing problems. Our mission is to ensure that proven leading practice solutions, whether found here or overseas, are identified and widely implemented in Australia.